Types of Tax Law Attorneys

Are you having tax problems or just in need of tax advice? Then what you need to do is to seek the services of a power of attorney. But how do you choose from all the lawyers available who come armed with different types of expertise, skills and experience? The decision to pointing out the decent lawyer to handle your case or to offer you proper legal advice concerning tax is of great importance.

To get the best of all the tax attorneys then, you will require getting some knowledge on different types of tax laws and also some of the tax problems that are experienced from day to day. After that, you will decide on one who is most knowledgeable in his field of expertise.

tax timeBankruptcy Tax Attorney – He is a specialist in handling bankruptcy cases. He ensures that their clients file for bankruptcy and all information included regarding finances are up to date, accurate and valid.

Civilian Tax Attorneys– Are hired as consultants to help clients in straightening out their finances as well as updating unpaid taxes and ensuring that the customer continues to pay taxes on due time.

Corporate Tax Attorneys – Are hired by companies that are involved in new projects or to smoothen out tax difficulties to avoid potential disputes with the IRS.

Property Tax Attorney – They help you to renegotiate property taxes and ensure that you are paying the required amounts to the IRS.

Tax Controversy Attorney – Has vast experience in courtrooms and his primary task is defending a client to the jury.

Tax Planning Attorney – He specializes in tax planning and will aide you in structuring and reviewing of all financial affairs, therefore, preventing IRS from troubling you or your business.

Depending on the circumstance that you might be in, choose wisely an attorney who is well versed in the area that you the most tax problems. The kind of tax problem that you have will determine the type of tax attorney to choose.
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Debt Restructuring

A time when bankruptcy was equal to debt elimination is long gone, for people finally understood that large number of people abused their rights and evaded debts through bankruptcy. Back in 2007 a set of laws, amendments was brought to power and with those amendments the focus of bankruptcy processes was shifted to debt restructuring rather than debt elimination. If you want to learn more please visit chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys Dallas.

   Debt restructuring is done through chapter 13, and the focus is set on reconstruction of the debt in order to pay out all debts of the debtor. For a long time courts and law in general was in favour of debtors, while the rights of creditors were overlooked. But with these new laws creditors are in favour of the law, and all is done so they get their money back.

aerl3rfzk7ojmgpkyu3wBut the process of debt restructuring doesn’t end with dismissal or reconstruction of debts ( dismissal if there is no chance to produce sufficient money to cover the debts ), it goes a bit further. To ensure that same bankruptcy situation doesn’t happen in future debt restructuring has several tools and requirements that the debtor has to fulfill. Full assessment of financial situation followed by the plan that the debtor needs to follow to avoid further debts Is first step. Debt advice, performed by third party whose business is centered on that is required, and that includes classes that debtors have to take, classes in which they learn debt management and private budget. 


There is no full discharge of the debt, there is only a plan in which debtor will have to pay off debts in long time period. This carries a risk of new debts occurring and that is why personal budget training withing debt restructuring is an important instrument that leads to repayment of old, and life without new debts. For more info about personal budget search internet and you will find classes on that topic. 

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Bankruptcy abuse – Means test

Bankruptcy is and it always was, and it will always be the last and final act of desperation, and many will resort to it when there are no other alternatives left. This can be applied to most people, but not to all. Some people will try and escape their debts through bankruptcy, even though they have sufficient amount of resources to pay off those debts. Few years ago this was done fairly easy, but BAPCPA amendments changed everything.  These amendments made it harder to file a bankruptcy under chapter 7, and one of the major ways to determine whether a bankruptcy is valid or not is through means test.iStock_000007577738XSmall

    Every debtor whose income on monthly basis is lower than median income of their country doesn’t have to take this test, except in some situations which are determined by the court. All of debtors whose income is higher than that must take this test. Median figure is determined by the size of the debtors family. Bigger families which have more individuals that work, and that are under debtors care have higher median income levels.


There are many things that are taken into the consideration when means test is done. It calculate whether a debtor may be eligible for bankruptcy all income and assets are added together, and then expenses are deducted from them. When everything is done, final number represents monthly income of the debtor. Many things are deducted from that added resources, and some of them are:

  • Living expenses which are specified by standards of IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Other expenses not covered by IRS ( disability insurance, health savings accounts, necessary heath insurance and so on )
  • Expenses that go towards protection from any form of family violence
  • Contribution to the care of all non dependant family members ( under age family members )
  • Expenses of chapter 13 plan
  • Reasonable and necessary expenses for lower stages of education ( garde and high school ), but only those that go up to 1 500 on yearly level per child

These are just few expenses that are calculated, it is long list. All of those expenses are called presumed expenses. If you want to learn more about car accident visit Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyers dallas . 


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